Transition Period

Some have experienced our growth mainly from those clients that had bad experiences with previous security service providers. We ensure our services do not let our client experience such things.

Great American Security regarded the transition phase as a critical and vulnerable time. We need cooperation with the client management to give detailed care in the planning and execution of the transition. We make a plan based on the following:

  • Prepare an initial, onsite security evaluation
  • Cover all the facts of the proposal and contract
  • Identify all security equipment required at each post
  • Recognize the safety and fire protection
  • Address the prior concerns and issues at the designated area
  • Set the training guidelines
  • Schedule working hours for the designated area
  • Client and management approve the uniform of security officers
  • Train personnel set
  • Schedule the duties of security officers
  • Establish lines of communication and management control
  • Establish a schedule of working hours for the post
  • Safety and fire protection are identified
  • Training of all personnel set
  • Scheduling of Security Officers