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This is a privately owned security company with the aim of providing quality service to our customers. We provide exceptional Armed and unarmed security services in a very comparative and professional manner. We are one of the leading private security company with high level of professionalism, expertise and experience.

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Quality Management

In order to maintain the highest standard and meet each individual client expectations, Great America Security has implemented Total Quality Management (TQM).

Great America security wants to meet every client's expectations. To maintain that standard we implement total quality management. Improvement of tasks and activities is essential. A best-proven method can become outworn over some time. To satisfy our clients we look for the best way to conduct our duties. For using TQM, we evaluate each post on the given review process.

  • Recognize the client’s expectation
  • Interpreting the clients' expectations into the post orders
  • Demonstrating performance standards
  • Feedback to the client

24/7 Access

All clients can access great American security at any time. Our management is available 24 hours a day. A meeting between our clients and employees is held by our security supervisor to ensure both clients' and employees' satisfaction.

Providing a level of security service that meets our client's expectations and satisfaction level is the main goal of great America security. Our TQM is organized in a way to ensure the highest performance of employees and the satisfaction of clients.

By total quality management, we provide a continual process that includes the security program which is customized for the individual client, regulation evaluation, and feedback from the client. As great America security wants its officers to meet high-level service expectations, therefore, TQM includes security inspections and ongoing training. Our Total quality management is designed to provide our clients peace of mind.