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This is a privately owned security company with the aim of providing quality service to our customers. We provide exceptional Armed and unarmed security services in a very comparative and professional manner. We are one of the leading private security company with high level of professionalism, expertise and experience.

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Best Security Company in Los Angeles

At Great America Security we offer you the best security services in Los Angeles. We are the top-notch 24×7 fully licensed and insured private security company in Los Angeles. Our goal is to give you the feeling of safety and satisfaction with our security services so that you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands. As such all our guards have been through professional rigorous training in all industries to attain maximum levels of satisfaction.

At Corporate Buildings the presence of security guards reduces the crime in that area. Unlike most private security companies we formulate a plan specific for your facility that would best help protect it along with you. We offer a variety of different security services for you depending on what you need.

Our security services cover the whole of Los Angeles County in any industry from Construction sites to Business complexes. All our guards go through

a very strict selection process. We do multiple background checks on them and make them go through rigorous training processes to be allowed to work. As we want nothing but the best to be protecting you and your facilities.

We provide our customers with the utmost satisfaction and make them feel safe with the security detail. Based on the feedback and reviews, we receive from our customers they feel safe and relaxed when the security is present. As the best private security company in Los Angeles, our security guards work passionately to make our clients feel safe and happy.

Private Security Company in Los Angeles

Great America Security offers a wide variety of security services as many different industries would require a different service to function better. Our security professionals are all well trained for any service that you require. For example places with money like financial institutions would prefer an armed security guard to the other services. To provide you with the best service possible. We send you guards with experience and training in the particular industry you are looking for. The best way is to find a security company near me. Our priority and always to keep the client and their establishment safe. Our security teams are also trained to not cause trouble for their business. For example, a medical facility would likely ask for an unarmed security guard service. The guard would also assist the staff as long as he can still keep watch.

Being an experienced security company in Los Angeles with over 7+ years in it, we have provided diversified security services required for different situations, like our armed security guard service in Los Angeles is trained to prevent crimes from occurring by stopping them before they take place whereas the unarmed security guards keep an eye out and maintain order on the establishment. Our fire watch service is generally used in areas that can easily catch on fire which would include industries with machinery and wiring like manufacturing industries. They monitor the grounds to look for any vulnerable area that may cause a fire later and fix it. We also provide mobile patrol security services.

As a private security company, we take care of your all security needs like our Security guards are very good in emergencies as they have been trained to remain composed and calm in any situation. They can call for backup which will arrive quickly as we have a fast response time.